Sunday, 5 August 2012


well, bloggers.
long time no see. anyway.

a long journey in life,
in fellowship, easeness, hardship, companionship, solitude, horrow and silent, light and wisdom.
i am here to festivate, the sparks of myself.

well, here,
i have a few new blogs. and i'd forgot the emails and passwords.

the born, the rebirth,
the lost and the found.
similar cycle.

with new breath.
reminiscing with new power, stronger and entirely sure, believe,
acheless, untouchless than ever.

the new roads are strong,
can bend a wall of disguise,
like a eternal existance bomb,
endlessly expand, tingle a time.

my right hand is empty,
pass your palm into mine and let passing by.
"(our) souls will live through"