Sunday, 1 January 2012


-is a set of organism interacting with one another
and with their environment of nonliving matter and energy within a defined area and volume.

-is the ability of the earth's natural system and human cultural system and economies to survive and adapt to the changing environmental condition indefinitely.


1.NATURAL CAPITAL = the natural source and natural service that keep us and other forms of life alive and economies.

Natural source = are materials and energy in nature that useful to human.
Renewable: air, water, soil, plant and wind
Non renewable: copper, oil, coal

Natural services = are functions of nature such as purification of air and water, which support life and human economies.

Vital natural service = nutrient cycling

Natural capital is support by solar capital

Solar energy: warm planet + support photosynthesis

2. Is to recognize that many human activities can degrade natural capital by using normally renewable sources faster than the nature can renew them.

3. Environmentalist scientist search for a problem such as degradation of natural capital and can only find scientific solutions for them. They way to force usually need political power or political coorperation. Usually will involve trade off, that will need agreement between 2 or more parties.

-management of natural resources with the goal of minimizing resources waste and sustaining resources supply for current and future generation.

-the amount of biologically productive land and water needed to supply the particular country or area with resources  and to absorb

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