Sunday, 14 August 2011

playlist: 14 august 2011, sunday night

thom yorke, black swan

thom yorke, skip divided

thom yorke, and it rained all night

thom yorke, harrowdown hill*

thom yorke, cymbal rush*

good evening!
the last two tracks were amazing
especially 'cymbal rush'

what a great night and day
the last poem is all about humbleness
to have humbleness at my own dearly home
so i can apply it elsewhere

clue to understand this poem:

"the bloodline is bloody silly"

"my skin colour is error, friend
my brain is small emperor, friend"

"do i'll sleep alone on the street?
of my mind?"

"what God want in me
anything He want..."

directly written..
yeah, being humble is damn extremely important
it avoiding you from
anything unnecessary
'cause now you know where's your place
where you should

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