Sunday, 14 August 2011

poem: lone (home)

i'm not anyone
i'm no one
i'm not leftover
i'm no one

i'm small missile of bread
at mouth of rabbit
walking along pavement
rabbit accidentally dropped me
and now i'm leftover

cocroaches doesn't love me
he stares me with hate
ant isn't sorry
he isn't please

two ants carried me
on their cute tiny mouth
it's awesome lovely fact that
i got no home

where do i want to go
no one know me
for my own goodness
the bloodline is bloody silly

o ant, thanks for you tiny mouth
atleast you not feels disgusting to touch me
my skin colour is error, friend
my brain is small emperor, friend

do you know where my home
do i know what's in my head
do i got any bed?
do i'll sleep alone on the street?
of my mind?

bring me home ant
trust me, i'm not soup
what God want in me
anything He want...

at any situation
i have the blamed
i know sooner He'll send

snow patrol, run

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